Sunday, August 18, 2013

Controlling the Scrap, Version 2.4ish

I need a few masculine cards in my stash (my husband thought it was so cool last week when I went "shopping" in my own card stash--impressing the hubby means more allowance for scrapping goodies, right? =) so this card doesn't use as much scrap paper as some of the others. But it's still in there! The book mark paper is scrap as well as the shadows on those and the stars (odds and ends from my kraft card bases).

I also used a lot more layering on this card than I normally do. I love the looks of layers but when it comes right down to it I rarely do it for two reasons... #1 it takes twice as long  #2 it makes the card front a bit bulky and heavy. But with this card, I felt like it needed that extra look.

Card dimensions: 4.5" x 6.25"
Kraft mat: 3 7/16" x 5 3/16"
Embossed mat (herringbone): 3.25" x 5"
Bookmark style strip (long): outer layer, 1" x 4 1/8" and inner layer, 7/8" x 4"
Bookmark style strip (short): outer layer, 1 1/16" x 3 1/4" and inner layer, 15/16" x 3"
Star (from Martha Stewart All Occasions Cake Art): outer, 1.95" x 179" and inner layer, 1.75" x 1.61"

Honestly, I think it took my longer to measure and type the bookmark dimensions than it did to cut them! Basically, I eye-balled the dimensions and cut my patterned scrap down to size, then added two marks (an eighth of an inch) on my trimmer for the shadows.

Controlling the Scrap, Version 2.3

Another simple card but I just loved the banner and the partial circles of all kinds of patterns! I did two takes because I was going for a masculine/boyish look and didn't succeed with my first try - pink and flowers don't work for most men, lol! I am actually much happier with my second set for two reasons. #1 I made the mat smaller, allowing more of the card base to show. #2 I used a dark card base and I think it looks much better that way. is take one:

And take two will follow the dimensions--
Card dimensions: 4.5" x 4.5"
Colored mat: 4 1/8" x 4 1/8"
White mat: 4" x 4"
Partial circles: 2" trimmed to .75" high

I placed, adjusted then adhered my circles. Then I stamped my sentiment while the surface with still flat. Last, I went back and added a strip of glue and ran my twine, wrapping it along the back and taping the edges with good old scotch tape to hold it in place on the back.

Controlling the Scrap, Version 2.2

Back to using up scraps, I thought this card was fun with all the colored circles. And then the repetition of that shape with the addition of gems for texture and dimension was a nice finishing touch. Since I don't have all different sized circle punches, I used my Creative Memories circle cutter. I think you could set up a template with the Cricut just as easily.

Card dimensions: 4.5" x 6.25"
Mat: 4.25" x 6"
Circles: 1", 1.25", 1.5", 2" and 2.5"

I cut circles a little bit larger from the patterned scraps and placed them underneath. I think if I did more of this style, I would try cutting the same size and simply insetting them.

Using it Up

This card isn't so much about using scraps as it is about using more of those papers that linger in my stash because they have large or busy designs. I used these ribbons, not because I need to use them up but just because they were the width I wanted and I love them. (Sometimes when you are working with oodles and oodles of old stuff from your stash, you need to mix it up and allow yourself to use something fun that you love, just because.)

Card dimensions: 4.5" x 6.25"
Mat: 4.25" x 6"
Black strip: 4.5" x 2.5"
White strip: 4.5" x 2.25"
Heart shadow (Gypsy Wanderings): 1.10" x 1.40"
Heart: 1" x 1.27"
Ribbon: 5/8" wide by 4" long (secure an inch or so behind to form the loop)

I should add that I pop dotted the black and white strip to add a bit of dimension and interest.

Controlling the Scrap - Version 2.1

I saw this card and fell in love with the simplicity. I couldn't decide whether I wanted to do duckies or elephants, so I did one of each.

Card dimensions: 6.25" x 4.5"
Embossed Mat: 6" x 3.25" (I had to run this through my Texture Boutique two times to get the length =)
Elephants (from Holiday Cakes): 1.26" x 1" (Cut 10 of these to get the contrasting ears. Hide the ears on the second set so it won't cut them out.)
Duckies (from Everyday Paper Dolls): I placed ten in a row with kerning at -0.20, then welded them together. I ended up trimming a bit off each end.

Again, scrap cardstock, scrap designer paper, scrap ribbon...

Controlling the Scrap, continued

I had so much fun whittling down my scrap pile last week-end that I have continued the trend this week as well. I had grand plans to purge my house, shed and storage unit in preparation for a garage sale. All the other weeks that I have planned to tackle that project this summer, the weather was uncooperative. This week was PERFECT. And that's when my allergies decided to act up. Of course! So what's a gal with sniffles and sneezing, itchy eyes and throat to do? Well, I couldn't go digging up more dust. So, of course, I had to sit at my work space and craft. Yep! And I did! Eighteen more cards since my last post--for a grand total of 37 cards from Saturday to Saturday.

So...on with the pictures because I know you all want to see what I have accomplished.

This first card was so fun. I was able to utilize all sizes of scraps. I set up the pennant/banner pieces on my Cricut (putting to use odds and ends cuts from my card bases to do trial runs for size =) using the Birthday Bash cartridge, sized as follows.

Card dimensions: 4.5" x 6.25"
Top piece: 4.25" x 3"
Strip across top piece: 4.25" x 1.25"
Pennants in order of appearance (unlock ration as needed):
.95" x 1.20"
.75" x 1.20"
.95" x 1.50"
.75" x 2.20" (flower inset from Paisley at .65" x .63")
.95" x 1.50"

The card from which I scraplifted had a white stamped sentiment in the lower left corner. I liked that look against the kraft base but I didn't have a white stamp pad. So again, I used my Cricut and cut my sentiment out of scrap white cardstock.

If I was going to make more, I think I would make the top piece shorter by half an inch or so and I would use more of a print on that piece as I love the card above with the polka dot pattern best.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Controlling the Scrap - Version 1.2

Last (for now) but not least is another card lift that I liked b/c it not only used scraps but it also had the ability to show off some of the busy papers that I tend not to use from my 6x6 pads. Their print is usually too busy or large to see the detail when I add all the other layers. With the large mat and no competing image or die cut, you can see it well in this sketch.

These took a little more planning for two reasons. #1 I don't have a variety of colored stamp pads-which would have made the sentiment less time consuming. Instead I pulled out my Spectrum Noir markers and used those to coordinate the sentiment. #2 I had to do a few trial and error cuts from my Cricut for the label. It probably doesn't help that I'm a bit picky and refuse to just go with the first one that fits =) Even then I put these five cards together fairly quickly.

Card dimensions: 4.5" x 6.25"
Mat: 5.5" x 2.5"
Bookmark style strips: 1.25" x 4" and 1.25" x 3.5"
Label (from Gypsy Wanderings): 3.2" x 1.4" (unlock ratio)

 You will notice a little extra detail on the floral patterned cards below. I felt that the sentiment I had stamped for the others was a little too mod so I went with a scripty sentiment on these. It looked a bit boring with the very white card base and brown ink, so I punched a scalloped border from the center almost to each edge. I then adhered a coordinating strip of cardstock underneath.

Thanks so much for joining me on my "lose the scrap" journey. My scrap pile feels a bit more under control now and my stash is ready for the next spur of the moment event we are invited to =)

Controlling the Scrap - Version 1.1

My next card was one that utilized narrow strips of three coordinating papers. I went a little less crazy with that one and only did four =) I LOVED how this one turned out and feel like the de-bossed white background added just the finishing touch I needed. My embossing folders had a little too much detail and were too small for the card size I was working with. So I ended up going for a simple quarter inch vertical stripe using my Martha Stewart scoring board. I was even able to use up some of my miscellaneous mini brads that I have had FOREVER! I adhered the strips by only one line of glue at the top so they would "hang" and add a bit of dimension at the bottom.

Card dimensions: 4.5" x 6.25"
Mat: 4.25" x 6"
Strips: .75" wide by 4", 3.75" and 3.5"
Sentiment strips: 4.25" x .75"

Controlling the Scrap - Version 1.0

My scrap pile from card making was getting wildly out of control. So when I came across a few samples on pinterest I loved that looked like they would put those scraps to good use, I set up a mass production system on my workspace.

My first card was one that used various sized squares and rectangles, including a background mat that could have detail in one corner.  I can always use a stash of "generic" cards. So I pre-stamped seven penants of each sentiment (get well, good luck, celebrate and thank you) to have on hand so I can grab them, adhere them, print a pertinent inside and run out the door =) I went a little crazy weeding out any scraps that coordinated and were in the right dimensions. I did TEN takes on that one!

Card dimensions: 4.5" x 6.25"
Mat: 4.25" x 6"
Top rectangle: 2" x 1.5"
Bottom left rectangle: 2" x 4"
Bottom right square: 2" x 2"
Other supplies: scrap ribbon, misc buttons