Friday, March 14, 2014

More Thank Yous

About six cards of one style is most often my max. Then I get bored. There were a lot of people to thank during my brother-in-law's ordeal, so I made several styles! Here are a few more for you to enjoy.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

About as Fussy as I Get

I don't do fussy... much. But once in awhile I find a card that is a step up from my usual CAS (clean and simple) style. And I like to step outside the box and try to see if I can achieve it. I really really loved the way these cards turned out. And a card like this is always reserved for someone extra special who will appreciate the time and attention to detail.

Never Ending Winter

I did not get Christmas cards sent out this year. So I was determined to send winter cards to close family and friends, and reciprocate to those who sent us a Christmas card. I started making a few here and there and stock piling them. My desk was covered but it was taking me awhile to get them finished. Long enough, in fact, that I feared winter would end before I got them mailed.
I needn't have worried. Because this was the longest winter we've ever had while living in Indiana! We seriously got our last snow the day before I sent out my final batch of winter cards. And we were never more glad to see spring.

The Least I Can Do Is Thank You

My brother-in-law was very suddenly diagnosed with brain cancer in February. The diagnosis resulted in emergency surgery. We were able to be with the family that day and again on the weekend. But when we returned home, I felt very helpless in bearing my in-laws burden.
The out-pouring of love, support and help from friends and family was amazing. And so it wasn't long until I realized there was one tiny thing I could do from a distance. While my in-laws held bed-side vigils and later spent countless miles traveling back and forth to the rehab facility, I was home making thank you cards. I asked my mother-in-law to send me names along with a short description of what I was to thank them for, as they came to mind.
Here are samples of the first batch I made:
(please excuse the green tint to these photos and the black smudge that must have been on the lens)