Thursday, July 17, 2014

A Very Special Card (for a very special friend)

This photo certainly doesn't do this card justice. But if you can overlook that for a minute I will tell you about this special card. A few times a year, I have a card that I make for a really special person. Special because they know a lot about me and love me anyway. Special because these few people not only appreciate me, they appreciate my fervor for crafting. Special because they will pay attention to all the little details that I took extra time putting into a masterpiece just for let them know how much I think of them. For these few cards, I make sure the papers and colors are exactly what I want...even to the point of cutting out four sets of the "for you" sentiment to see how each color looks. On this card, I punched and traded three sets of the butterflies back and forth several times before I decided which one evoked the exact emotion and feel I was going for. All of this takes time that may seem senseless to most. But because I know that this card will most likely be tucked away in a night stand and then brought out and looked at again and again over the course of the year, I want everything to be as close to perfect as possible. Because the recipient of this card is my best friend.

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