Thursday, July 17, 2014

Bright and Cheery

I purchased two paper pads that sat on my desk for a very long time. I still don't feel like I've used them to their maximum potential. But I loved the cheery colors and the designs on the paper. Since I didn't have a specific occassion in mind to make these cards for, I decided the "for you" greeting would work on the front and then I could make it fit the occasion when I use them and add my inside sentiment. It could be "for cheer you", "for you...on your birthday", "for you...just because", "for get well", etc. It was a also a win because it utilized the remaining titles I cut and didn't use from my friend's special card (see previous post). Oh, and by the way, I forgot to mention in that previous post that I actually cut two sets of paper for that card because I wasn't sure which direction I wanted to pursue. So, that's why the middle photo below looks oddly familiar (but notice I didn't handstitch on it...another test run using paper piercing which I didn't like nearly as much as stitching).
Back to this post...the cards with the tags below show a really neat way to use a short scrap of ribbon when there isn't quite enough to tie. And I like to bump the ribbon up to show depth, so I use a small glue dot to hold the ribbon in place.

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