Monday, August 25, 2014

Two Birds with One Elephant

I had a baby shower to attend last night so of course, I needed a card.  I have had two pads of cute baby paper waiting for me to use. But when looked at my Pinterest board not many of the cards I'd pinned used patterned paper. So when I finally found a couple designs I liked, I made a few.

I forgot to buy a gift bag (and later, I went to Meijer and refused to pay their ridiculously high prices for one). I only had a striped Kraft one on hand and no colored tissue paper to dress it up. I was running late so didn't have time to stop and grab one either. While I was getting ready, it hit me that I had cellophane card bags. So why not let more than just the mom-to-be enjoy the card?! I thought it turned out super cute and definitely need to remember this for future gifts.
**another great technique for ribbon scraps

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  1. That elephant is SO cute!! My daughter just LOVES elephants, let me know where you got that, Great projects. Cheers, Holley